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Family at UZH


What is Parents@UZH?

Would you like to make contact with other parents at UZH? Does your family live far away and do you sometimes need additional childcare support?

The Parents@UZH network offers parents who work or study at UZH the opportunity to meet, to share their experiences and to support each other in matters of childcare.


You are an official member of the UZH community, either as a student or an employee, and have a UZH e-mail address.

You are at least 18 years of age, and you are willing to share details of your name, academic level, faculty, current residential area and UZH e-mail address for the purpose of being contacted by other parents registered in the network.

How does it work?

  1. By registering on this site, you declare your agreement that the information listed above will be saved in an excel list.
  2. Each time a new member joins the network, an updated list is sent to all registered parents so that everyone is aware of the new contact opportunities.
  3. The registered parents contact each other directly on their own initiative and decision.
  4. If the member information of a registered parent changes or the parent wishes to be removed from the list, he or she is personally responsible for communicating such information to the network administrator (
  5. If a parent wishes to be deleted from the list, the network administrator deletes the relevant data without delay upon receiving the corresponding e-mail request.
  6. If a parent has already made contact with other parents in the network, he or she is personally responsible for informing them of such changes.

Network events

If the network proves popular, the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity will organize regular events for registered parents in order to offer a more substantial platform and the opportunity for parents to meet and discuss.

Events will be announced in good time under the “events” page of the UZH families portal.


The University of Zurich provides the Parents@UZH network for the sole purpose of facilitating contact among parents who work or study at UZH. The network operators act solely as intermediaries; they register parents upon request in the network and circulate the list each time a new parent joins the network.

The list is administered by the UZH Office for Gender Equality and Diversity for the sole purpose of registering parents participating in the Parents@UZH network. The list is circulated exclusively among registered parents to facilitate contact among the same.

Parents who are registered in the network are not checked in any way. The network operators do not provide any further intermediary services. They assume no liability whatsoever for accidents, injuries or any other damages arising from any present or future contacts among the parents or from any childcare agreements.

If a childcare arrangement is agreed with other parents, it remains the responsibility of the relevant parent on the list to obtain the necessary information on the other parent or parents providing the childcare. Before reaching a childcare arrangement, parents must carefully decide themselves whether the other parents fulfill reasonable criteria for providing childcare.

The network administrators reserve the right to delete names and other contact information from the list at any time. Registration and participation in this service establishes no general right to remain on the list.