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Family at UZH

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wiederholung des symbolfotos schweizerflagge

Living costs

In comparison with other countries living costs in Switzerland are quite demanding. But high salaries and a comparatively low personal tax burden do compensate this.

For more information regarding living costs in Switzerland please got to the website of the Professorships Department.

UZH for International Students and Scholars

Professorships Department

The Professorships Departmentsupports professors in all their concerns and questions as employees of UZH.

Dual Career

The Professorships Department is committed to helping the partners of newly appointed professors continue their careers after moving to Switzerland. The International Dual Career Network offers a good opportunity to establish professional contacts.


The well-being of its staff is of great importance to UZH as an employer, which is why it is also firmly included in the mission statement. It is therefore committed to providing structures and framework conditions that promote health: health@uzh website