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Important Information – Exclusion of Liability

The University of Zurich provides the Parents@UZH network for the sole purpose of facilitating contact among parents who work or study at UZH. The network operators act solely as intermediaries; they register parents upon request in the network and circulate the list each time a new parent joins the network.

The list is administered by the UZH Office for Gender Equality and Diversity for the sole purpose of registering parents participating in the Parents@UZH network. The list is circulated exclusively among registered parents to facilitate contact among the same. Parents who are registered in the network are not checked in any way. The network operators do not provide any further intermediary services. They assume no liability whatsoever for accidents, injuries or any other damages arising from any present or future contacts among the parents or from any childcare agreements.

If a childcare arrangement is agreed with other parents, it remains the responsibility of the relevant parent on the list to obtain the necessary information on the other parent or parents providing the childcare. Before reaching a childcare arrangement, parents must carefully decide themselves whether the other parents fulfill reasonable criteria for providing childcare.

The network administrators reserve the right to delete names and other contact information from the list at any time. Registration and participation in this service establishes no general right to remain on the list.

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